Sunday, June 7, 2009

Pick Your Own: Strawberry Festival

It's nothing like picking your own fruit and vegetables. Linvilla Orchards had a strawberry festival yesterday that was absolutely wonderful. There were plenty of activities for the children, picking of strawberries and rhubarb for both young and older, and food galore at the farmers market. The weather was perfect yesterday to go pick your own strawberries. I actually picked 10lbs of strawberries that will be eaten "naked", frozen, prerserved and made into deserts (especially with my new unused ice cream maker). For foodies, and those who appreciate where your food comes from, picking your own fruits and vegetables is an experience like no other. Especially when you get home and get to eat the "fruit" of your labor. Check your area for your local pick your own farms

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  1. First time to ur blog.. lovely space.. strawberry are looking so good and gr8 click.. You have lovely recipes too. WIll keep visiting.


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