Friday, January 27, 2012

Buy Veggies and get Vegetable Broth for Free.

Have you ever made a big pot of soup, stew or had to chop a massive amount of veggies? Once you done chopping; you are normally left with what could be a massive pile of "peelings" that are normally trashed. STOP and back away from the garbage pail, or disposal. The bottoms and skins of those onions, those peelings from the carrots, and potatoes, and any other vegetable skin that was peeled away can turn into liquid gold aka vegetable broth. Its so simple, and easy and your getting a total use out of those veggies.

When you are prepping for chopping have a freezable container or plastic bag on hand. As you're peeling and cutting parts that cannot be used, simply place those peelings and parts into your container/bag. Once your done you can place in the freezer until you have what you feel is enough to make a broth that is to your taste. The more peelings you use the richer the broth and the least you use will result in a light flavored broth. Making the broth is simply placing your peelings in a stock pot. You should fill about 3/4 of the pot with water and allow to simmer on a medium low heat until 1/4 of the water is cooked off, leaving half the liquid. Once that is done, you can add some kosher salt or leave as is (you can always add salt and other flavorings once you are ready to use in another dish). Once its cooled, strain and then you can place in canning jars (following canning instructions of course) or you can freeze it as ice cubes or in a freezable container/bag for later use. If freezing, you should try to use within 3 months. This broth can even be used to flavor up your rice, potatoes, and roasting veggies to add a body of flavor that priceless. So when you pay $2.99 for onions, and $1.99 for carrots, and $2.50 for kale; know that you also receive 2 quarts + for free.

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  1. Excellent tips! You know I hate waste too. So many tossed foods are more then salvagable, and can make up a delicious base of a meal.


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