Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Sweet Freedom!

Walking up South St in Philadelphia I saw a sign that was unfamiliar - Sweet Freedom. The sign was cute and welcoming too, and once I saw it was a bakery I had to go in.

As I walked in I was welcomed by a swanky pink chandler hanging in the middle of the bakery which was very cute inside.

I was welcome by Allison - one if the owners of Sweet Freedom. She explained to me the uniqueness of Sweet Freedom - they're
a vegan, gluten free, dairy free, egg free, corn free, wheat free, peanut free, soy free, casein free and no refined sugar bakery (whoo, that was a mouthful). I was impressed and curious to see what the beautiful array of baked goods taste like. I took my time and Allison was not only helpful but also very patient with the tons of questions I had. Once I knew what I was getting, I really felt good about bumping into this place. I purchased the.....

double chocolate chip mint cookie sandwich
the blueberry oat crumble

and a brownie (forgot to take a pic)
Here are some chocolate chip cookie sandwiches instead

I am munching on the sandwich cookie right now and it taste like a thin mint cookie in the best possible way. The brownie is rich yet light, and blueberry oat crumble is something I would look forward to after a good dinner. Everything I bought I would definitely buy again. I was really
pleasantly surprise after tasting each item. Even though my family doesn't have any allergies; this would be a bakery I would enjoy taking my kids and myself to when a sweet treat is craved. The prices maybe a slightly higher then most bakeries but the quality of goodness and
taste is well worth it. Such Sweet Freedom to treat yourself with the betterment of your health in mind.

Thanks again Allison, hope to see you again soon.


  1. Who is Alice?lol I believe you mean Ali.

  2. Allison is who I should of mentioned. Thanks Janice for the correction.


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