Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Special Suprise Delivery!!!

My good friend Dj has the kids today, so I was able to make a few errands (and also blog today - twice!!). As I waiting for them to be dropped off, I am surprised with a special surprise delivery. My good friend Nina (from that's what friends are for blog) had a bag of hot of the grill goodies dropped off to me (I love her). I even kissed the delivery man (my husband, lol) for such a special delivery. I opened the bag and it was two hot foiled wrapped hidden treasures. So like a kid, I hurried to open what was hidden inside. Whatever it was, the smells started to escape the bag and fill my nostrils with enchanting aromas that was blissful (yes, it was that serious). I finally open the bag, and.......

Grilled Tikka Chicken!!!

As I'm texting, I am eating and I must say these grilled tikki wings are grilled and seasoned to perfection. Thanks Nina! You did again


  1. My friend made a great chicken tikka, and I have been wanting to make it, but it is so hot inside. grilled is the perfect solution. Ask your (very good) friend if you can do that with any tikka recipe, or would she share hers? Thanks!

  2. She used Shan's Tikka seasoning pack and added a few other spices (she wont share). I'm guessing salt (she likes to use Basori seasonings like myself). You can find Basori at your local Wholefoods, or health food market or www.borsarifoods.com


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