Monday, June 1, 2009


Now that I am in my second trimester I can eat and cook too! YAY! Anywho, I had a taste for falafels after watching Throwdown with Bobby Flay:

I wasn't able to get to my falafel joint (the Falafel truck in Center City), so I had to do something and something fast. This baby was really wanting a good falafel. So I decided to do my own version of a crispy on the outside fluffy on the inside falafel. I had the ingredients and just needed the energy to do it.

After a couple of days of the chickpea craving not subsiding, I finally moved to my lab and got started. I had some basmati & wild rice left from a previous dinner. I then had an light bulb moment - put the rice mixture (which also had red peppers, onions and mushrooms in it too) into the chickpea mixture. Now the falafel mix I made was from scratch using the following ingredients:

1 medium onion
3 cloves of garlic
15 oz of organic chickpeas (drained)
1/4 cup of fresh organic parsley
1/4 cup of fresh organic cilantro
1 1/2 cup of toast bread crumbs (I made my own from some spelt bread I had left over)
Salt and cayenne pepper to taste
1/2 cup of the rice mixture

Put everything in a food processor and pulse for about 20 seconds. If its not sticking add a little a teaspoon of flour followed by a 2 tablespoon of water. You want the consistency to firm and sticky enough to hold a form. Form into ball or patty and fry in 2 inches of oil.

Now traditionally falafels are made into balls and fried, but I made mines into patties so it was easier to put into a wheat tortilla or burger bun.

I topped my sandwich with organic tomato, fresh organic cilantro, and organic green onions with some mustard and garlic mayo*. Sooooooooo good

*Garlic Mayo
Mayo ( I use Veganaise)
2 cloves of fresh crushed garlic
1/8 teaspoon of cayenne pepper
pinch of salt.

Mix and and enjoy. You can always add more cayenne for more of a kick.


  1. I need to try your recipe here. I've only enjoyed falafels from the restaurants. We love chickpeas and I like your idea of making them into patties for burgers. Mmmm.

    How many minutes did you fry the patties? What do you think about baking them? How could we pull that off?

  2. Hi Jill, I apologize for the late response to your question, I was pregnant. These patties were fried quickly and then baked. I am sure you could bake without the frying, I just wanted that crispy outer texture the reminds you of a falafel. If you bake them I would suggest using panko breadcrumbs and light spray patties on both sides. Bake in a 350 degree oven (pre-heated of course). Baking for about 20-25 minutes flipping patties half way before they are done. Hopefully that works for you.


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