Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Diesel The Pressure Cooker

Here is my side kick in the Kitchen, Diesel the Pressure Cooker. Diesel can make a meal that is timely to almost close to nothing. I braised lamb, chicken, and turkey with Diesel, and each time the food was not only done in a short amount of time, but it was also tender and flavorful too (with added spices I used during the cooking process of course).

Diesel also does a great job with veggies, root veggies and legumes too. I made a soup with Diesel and I must say, I legumes that take hours was ready in no time. Not to mention, Diesel is an electric Pressure Cooker made by Cuisinart that also browns, simmers, saute, high pressure & low pressure, and a warmer.

If your a person who may see yourself in situations where you want to cook something good for your family but time is not on your side. Know this Diesel has plenty of brothers & sisters waiting for you to take them home to be your efficient kitchen assistant.

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