Thursday, April 26, 2012

Potato Salad for Dessert?!?!

Sweet Potato Salad Parfait 

Yes, you read the title correctly; Potato Salad for dessert. Why? Me being who I am, I say why not. Its a great way to end off a meal with a dessert that's tasty in still within the good for you zone. I used roasted sweet potatoes for this dessert that way the natural sugars are brought to the for front. I layered with crushed pineapples, dried organic cranberries, walnut pieces, and chopped fresh mint. I pureed the smashed the sweet potatoes and instead of adding sugar I used the juice from the crushed pineapples. That's it! What's left is to layer, and I topped off with a honey Greek yogurt (I took plain yogurt and added the honey myself, that way you control how sweet you want it). This was a hit with both adults and children. Its packed with many healthy nutritional benefits and you can even dress it up in glasses to bring the visual to effect.  Great dessert made simple, healthy and with flavor that you can control.

Enjoy & Happy Eating!


  1. I remember when you first shared this! Marvelous darling

  2. Oh this look delightful!!! Such a unique twist on sweet potatoes!


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