Sunday, February 28, 2010

Breakfast Time

This morning my 5 year old chef in training woke up with a breakfast request. " Mommy, can you make yellow grits this morning please." He never ask for cereal, but that's my fault only because I want him to have a well rounded palate with food and breakfast is much more then cereal and milk. So of course, I didn't say no. Once he received his bowl of golden yellow grits, he "buttered" me up with his usual - "Mommy, your the bestest cook ever!" Gotta love kids.

A yummy bowl of organic yellow grits (also called polenta or corn meal). I just added some organic butter, a litle sea salt, some borsari seasoning, and a few slivered slices of a cave aged gruyere cheese.

*You could also serve this for lunch or dinner with a spring salad dressed with an aged balsamic vinager*

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